Amazing trends for suede shoes


Suede is a kind of soft leather known to make jackets and trousers, why not shoes? Suede shoes have stood the test of time and can be worn in all seasons, save for the rainy days. While they are considered to be a casual type of shoe, with the right color and type of dress code, they can complement any kind of outfit.

Types of suede shoes.
The best thing about suede shoes is that they come as alternatives for other types of shoes ranging from boots to trainers. Suede shoes are long-lasting as long as they are well taken care of. Here are the trendiest types of suede shoes every man should own.

Amazing trends for suede shoes - blog

Suede loafers- loafers are already a cool shoe on their own, making suede loafers the ultimate shoe. All types of loafers including horsebit, tassel and slip-ons can be found in suede. They are the perfect shoe to don in summer and come in various colors. To have an edgy look, the length of the trouser should abide to the ankle to foot ratio. With suede loafers, sockless is the way to go.

Amazing trends for suede shoes - blog



Suede boots- they are the classic type of shoe and mostly come as Chelsea or chukka boot. The Chelsea boot favors a more contemporary style, where one wears them with skinny jeans and an official jacket like Kanye west or with a denim jacket. The chukka boot is more versatile and can complement almost any look. The suede boot is the perfect winter and autumn shoe.

Amazing trends for suede shoes - blog

Suede trainers- for a more athletic look, suede trainers are the best. They come with a leather base, are long lasting and are as comfortable as they come. Suede trainers blend perfectly with sweats, white tee and denim jackets. The major limitation that comes with trainers is that they can only be worn in limited occasions.

How to wear suede shoes.

Amazing trends for suede shoes - blog
Contrary to popular beliefs, suede shoes can be worn with casual office wear. The catch is, the shoe has to be of the perfect shape or color. Dark toned suede tassel loafers work best.
Suede loafers work best with ankle length, fitting, tailored trousers or jeans, with an official shirt and an official blazer.

Suede boots works best with jeans, a tee with a flannel shirt on top when one is trying to spot a casual look.
It is not advisable to wear suede shoes to a formal occasion like a black tie event as they have a casual tone to it.

Amazing trends for suede shoes - blog

How to protect your suede shoes.
Suede shoes could easily last years but only if well taken care of. Here are a couple of ways to make the suede shoes last longer.
Always use a protective suede shoe polish.
Before the suede shoe is brushed or dabbed with a piece of cloth, it should be dry to prevent the suede from scraping off or tearing.
Get the shoes professionally cleaned once in a while.
Protect them from too much exposure to rainy weather.

Suede shoes are as trendy as they come and it is no surprise that they are making a hard comeback. If well taken care of and worn with the right outfit, they make one look elegant with a touch of style.

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